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Fuck Critics

Cos Opinions are Like Arseholes

Amatuer reviews of Movies, Music, Books & More
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The Fuck Critics Pirate Review Crew:

mutiny_in_hevan: Fuck Critics' resident art fag and Indie Cultist. He has peculiar taste in film, and likes to ramble on when writing a review, wether it be about how bad he thinks the movie was or how beautiful the scenery may have been. Still, his opinion has proven to have some value and is worth a look through.

saint_jean: The genius of the troupe. Tends to do an all around review adding in bits of extra information and short thoughts on the past histories of the characters or actors/actresses. He has no defined taste in anything except for his dislike of romantic comedy movies and anything that doesn't have at least a bit of substance.
all reviews are rated on a scale of 1 to 5
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